[Next Big Thing]

[Next Big Thing] is a dynamic, formatted six-part TV series with elements of documentary, art history, jeopardy, competition, celebrity and style. Shot mainly on location, it captures the creative day to day life of our 11 chosen finalists, and follows as they create a piece of original work reflecting ‘The Spirit of London’. We observe their inspirations, hear their aspirations – and watch them grow under the guidance of top artist mentors. Everything leads up to the exhibition week, the big reveal of all finished works, then opened to a global auction of buyers and collectors. In case you missed the six-part TV series don’t worry! Episodes 1-6 of the @nextbigthing.live you can be found online: https://www.nextbigthing.live/episodes
[Next Big ThingFinal Artwork Reveal]
I am excited to share my final ‘Spirit of London’ piece: Reclaimed Chaos is a sculptural installation created from reclaimed wood from London construction sites that would otherwise have been discarded. The artwork presents London embodied as a protagonist within the global narrative of the climate crisis. Climate psychology is a new way of understanding our collective paralysis in the face of worsening climate change. London, an urban space defined by a dynamic energy, an interconnected and ever-changing construction, has come to a standstill like a held breath. Reclaimed Chaos offers a paused moment of reflection within a haze of uncertainty, an opportunity to observe our relationship with and as nature.
[Next Big Thing – Online Auction]
All the works created for Next Big Thing will be auctioned on https://www.nextbigthing.auction/ . Register now to take part and start bidding! The Next Big Thing auction will be finishing on Sunday the 11th April. 20% of the proceeds will go to The Koppel Project The Kopple project is an arts charity that repurposes London buildings that are not currently in use, and turns them into affordable working studio spaces for artists, prior to the buildings being sold and regenerated. We chose to support this charity as they encourage sustainability and make use of space that would otherwise be wasted. The project benefits art across many genres, rather than bursaries, which tend to be genre specific.
Huge thanks to the amazing NBT team: Director Sam Hockley, Production manager Rachel Street, Presenter James Nicholls, my mentor Ian Edwards, and my assistant Sara Aly. Photography of artwork by Harry Skeggs.

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