Mind Walk

[Mind Walks]

Supported by: Fremantle Arts Centre and Substructured Loss Centre London 

Mind Walks are one-to-one performances consisting of guided walking tours and visualisations with volunteers to facilitate intuitive interactions between the subject, myself, architectural location(s) and psychological state(s). The subjects will be blindfolded to remove the sense of sight allowing a visual-blank-space for their imagination. The Mind Walks are a non-therapeutic exploration of emotions however some subjects may find the process a useful tool in dealing with emotions.

This project invites the viewer to question the perception and psychology of place:      Do places have to exist physically or can they be imaginary? Do people create place or places create people? Perhaps we exist in a constantly evolving conversation with our environment, and that “place” is a construct, something created as a result of people responding to and interacting with their surroundings. Ultimately, perception of place is personal.

Depicted in the drawings are distorted architectural spaces (illogical spaces imagined, employing pictorial perspective illusions) that describe metaphorical, psychological spaces. These drawings are the result of translated Mind Walk descriptions.

Working with sound is a new area of interest. I was struck with the impact and the power of sound during the Mind Walk #1 performances: how it informed the volunteers sense of space and awareness of their bodies in relation to relation to the locations they were exploring. Sound was not limited to observation, it became a medium of interaction for example: footsteps, the echo of a voice actively projected into a void and even our conversation. These sounds formed a complex, multilayered, every changing structure to the spaces they navigated.

The recording and display of sound is an apt medium to explore psychological themes to powerfully engage the audience on an emotive, visceral level. Audio from the performance sessions will be captured using portable sound recording equipment for the purpose of a future sound-scape installation. Visual documentation will be taken during the performance sessions using a Go Pro Camera.

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